11 Ideas to maximize space without losing style

You’re not the only person who would love to have more square meters in your home, because for many who have always want more. So that this situation does not end up becoming a problem today we will show you 11 ideas to maximize space without losing the style.

Getting the most out of your home and turn that place into a useful generally wasted space is easy with these tips, you will overtake you wonder if you have a small apartment, an infinite hallway or need extra storage areas. Take note.

11 Ideas to maximize space without losing style

1. Create new spaces: Imagination to power

Imagination is a powerful weapon when it comes to devising new places in which to store your utensils or personal belongings. Sometimes it will be how set furniture in a room to make this appear wider, sometimes will require some work for you to get extra space.

The order is an important time to get feeling of spaciousness element. If everything is in place you might find that a stay is more spacious. Do not leave your books stacked in every corner, if you do not have a library you can put some shelves for storage under the bed, in the light, so that integrate with the rest of decorative elements.

Another solution is to mount a series of drawers with wheels to fit under the bed, which will come in very well for storing shoes, for example. Measures good space that you have to know how many drawers you can place, taking into account what you will store in them.

If you have a corner or dead space in the kitchen, a great idea is to place a chest with a lid that matches the rest of cabinets, you always come in handy to save tablecloths and tea towels. If you put up some cushions invested you can use as a bank.

Have you ever thought of using the rungs of a ladder to create a large and great drawer? The advantage is that these will be completely hidden and nobody will notice all the extra space you have. It is a practical, useful, spacious solution and also do not overload the stairs as furniture.

2. Children’s room in a mini space

The bedrooms of the children of the house allow for a more casual decor combining different shapes and colors. If your room is small, you can get to place a bed, a wardrobe and a desk without overwhelm you if you choose to raise the space where you go to sleep.

The small will be happy to climb every night for a ladder to sleep, and under your bed can take advantage of the extra space to install sliding doors in which accommodate a wardrobe and a table to study. There will still be enough space in the room for their games.

3. Hang your shoes a shoemaker simple

Keep shoes in order and without taking up much space can be easy, practical and even decorative if you dare to ride this simple cobbler we suggest. You will free your cabinet’s bulky cardboard boxes and have to look at all your shoes, so you gain in speed also when fix.

You just need a strip of wood that can paint the color you like and choose which one is right for hanging wall. You can also line it with fabric that matches the rest of the room. Yes, your shoes must be clean if you do not want the effect produced is contrary to that desired.

4. Toilet-library, why not?

If you like reading so that you do not know where to store the books what do you think to have a small library in the toilet? In a bathroom it is not the best solution, because moisture from the shower or bathtub is bad companion paper, but in a toilet can get a youthful style and casual very modern.

Some shelves to place volumes can be aesthetic solution ideal for a small piece that costs you decides how to decorate. To get the casual air, it is best to also choose a contrasting color, such as gray, white and yellow.

5. Do not miss the heights

Whether your home has high ceilings or not, there is always an important space that is lost flush with the ceiling and we recommend taking advantage if you have storage problems. Whether you choose a few shelves and a cabinet, installing a mezzanine it is an ideal solution for square footage.

The space between the top of the door frame and the ceiling is an ideal place to put a small loft, for example to keep those shoes other seasons you never know where to put and take up much room in the closets place. Of course, one must know take advantage of the height of the walls without recharging the space visually.

6. Multiply the space with mirrors

Who does not have at least one mirror at home? In the bathroom they are indispensable to contemplate our image. But beyond this functional capacity, the mirrors reflect light and create a feeling of spaciousness in the spaces where they are located. No doubt they are an interesting decorative element that gives much play.

A large mirror in a room of small dimensions enlarges creating an interesting sense of depth you want to put one to go from one side to another of the stay? Do it! You can also place a smaller one that reflects only what you want, it will fit anywhere.

Before installing, make sure it reflects what interests you and that serves light amplifier receiving stay. The style of the mirror is determined by its context and also by the very form of this. Thus, the design you choose should be in tune with the other elements of the room where it is located.

7. In the bathroom: everything in its place

Surely if one morning you wake up a little later than you owe, what most grateful is that the products you use are readily locatable. Therefore, it is essential that everything is in perfect order in your bathroom.

To get started, check out what you have and get rid of what you do not need, you just have to stop what you usually use, especially if your bathroom is small. Place hangers and shelves on the walls that have free to increase the storage space. A shelf above the toilet is functional and decorative. Use these shelves and hangers to store towels and toiletries.

The baskets are a decorative way to hide all kinds of products, especially those that do not know where to save. Use small to headbands or makeup and larger to store clothes and dirty towels baskets. You can use dividers to organize the baskets and store items of the same family in a separate division or by function.

8. Sorted cabinets, double space

Choose a closet is a task you have to plan well. The first thing is to know what you need exactly (hangers, drawers, shoe) and from there get what best suits your needs, as there are many combinations for the same space.

Organize your closet is the key to a larger space in which you can store all your belongings, it ‘s not just install a bar in which to hang hangers, but placing organizers to make everything fit perfectly Did you know that have all hangers same allows better use of the capacity of your closet?

If it is to organize a children’s cabinet task also requires planning. Try to separate the clothes winter summer, put hand only what you use every day and keep everything that is another station or already does not serve the kids. Use labels to find out which guards inside drawers or boxes is also a good idea.

9. Mount the laundry in the bathroom

If you do not have a laundry room, and installing the washing machine in the kitchen or on the terrace will not tempt (or do not have terrace), you can mount the sink in the bathroom, getting to be a practical and useful space without leaving so most current aesthetic side.

Our advice is to unique the washer and if you have room, the dryer, in a cabinet which in turn will serve as a shelf or ledge, on which you can place other elements such as a plant or some candles and also helps you to fold clothing and place cleaning products.

10. Kitchenette with optimum storage

Having a kitchen with limited space does not mean you have to give up all the advantages of a large kitchen. Your design should allow you to have everything you need at hand and simultaneously help the limited space available is not an impediment when cooking. Plan your kitchen so this gives a greater feeling of openness and space.

Opting for a light shade on your countertop, whatever material you choose the best is that the finishes are white or cream, also on the walls. Integrated appliances will also help keep the kitchen visually clear and clean of anything that might distort space.

11. Seize the stairwell

Stairs have the disadvantage that usually occupies an area that often unusable. How could you get the most out? If you need additional space and accounts with a ladder in your home not pass to the hole you have underneath it and take advantage of it. Some cabinets with shelves are a great way to get it.

The books are a perfect decorative element depending on which spaces, so if you are passionate about reading create a shelf in the stairwell may also be a wise move. Like cycling? By placing some media can hang on your bike and get them a modern and youthful atmosphere.

Use the space under the stairs to create a small office or a study corner in your home is also an excellent choice. When sitting at the desk, the height will not be a problem. The range of colors you choose will serve to give character and delimit this area, create attractive contrasts play with the design and material of the stairs.