2017’s Top Four Food Trends

There is definitely a heavy focus on health coming across in 2017’s top food trends, with nutrient-rich foods and vegan dishes featuring particularly prominently. That’s not to say there isn’t also room for plenty of full-on Instagram-worthy feasts too, though. This article looks at some of the biggest fashions in food for this year.

Zero Waste

Britons waste millions of pounds worth of food each month, so it’s no surprise that many industry voices are trying to encourage people to reduce the amount they throw out. Many websites and blogs now offer a range of recipes and tips to help us use up leftovers, bulk purchases or gluts of home-grown fruit and veg.

Planning ahead helps you reduce food waste, but there are many ways to preserve fresh food if you find yourself with a fridge full of veg you simply can’t use up in time.


Hugely popular in Korea, kimchi has been credited with everything from helping to prevent bloating to improving libido! You can prepare this spicy, tasty and nutrient-rich condiment yourself by following one of the many online food recipes for kimchi from reliable sites such as http://food-tales.com/online-food-recipes/. Health.com actually names kimchi as one of the world’s healthiest foods, due to the fact that it’s full of nutrients and beneficial bacteria.

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Healthy Snacks

Snacking is big business in the UK, with millions of us relying on mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-ups to get us through the day. Whereas we might have once popped down to the vending machine in our workplace’s reception for a chocolate bar or bag of crisps, we’re now being offered a myriad of healthier options. Traditional fried potato crisps are increasingly giving way to things like pea-based snacks, while 300-calorie chocolate bars are being replaced by healthy protein bars or energy balls.

Portuguese Food

We’ve seen Spanish, Tex-Mex and Thai cuisines all enjoy increased popularity in recent years, and now it’s the turn of Portugal’s national dishes. The famous Portuguese custard tart is becoming a staple of many delis and specialist bakeries, and other Portuguese dishes are making their way on to menus all over the country. Portugal has long been a popular beach holiday destination, but as Lisbon becomes a major city break option for Brits, Portuguese food is set to feature more heavily in our restaurants and supermarkets.