5 reasons why some people may not be happy

people may not be happy

There are people who simply do not accept happiness

We all know someone who looks like a grumpy cat. They are hard to please and it is almost as if they were at war with the world around them.

What trait or behavior that makes people unhappy? Here is a list of things that will help you understand why it seems so hard to make them smile.

# 5 underestimate things

These people are extremely critical about almost everything. Do not try to see the beauty in things. Undervalue people, things, and situations. And they never are grateful or thankful.

# 4 are very pessimistic

Such people expect the worst things of all. Obviously, this makes no room for a ray of hope. Although in reality, things are not so bad, they never fail to anticipate the worst scenarios. They live in fear and contain experience the fullness of life.

people may not be happy

# 3 are perfectionists

They believe that there is something to look perfect all the time. They want the best of everything: a perfect job, a perfect match, a perfect home or perfect holiday.

They hate anything that is less than what they expect. The truth is that the world is not perfect and they lose all opportunities to be happy. These people seek perfection throughout his life when that does not even exist.

# 2 are not flexible enough

People who are easily frustrated or irritated when things do not go according to plan. They act as if they had been treated unfairly.

They do their best to get what they want, but things do not really work that way. Life is unpredictable and ever changing. These people have difficulty coping with change and unpredictability.

# 1 Very egocentric

These people do not understand that true happiness comes from sharing. For them, the success of others means nothing. All that matters is themselves and their joy. They usually have a false ego and when nobody flatters, feel worthless. They need constant approval of the world but never turn around to see the others.