A town of many festivals

When you are looking to buy a property, many people will research into the local area and will take into consideration not only the local amenities including schools, doctors and shops but also events and activities that regular take place. For people who are searching on the internet for results to – Sell my property in Cheltenham online and who take up working with companies like https://www.ocheltenham.co.uk  there are many plus points that they can include in the description of the local area. Cheltenham is a vibrant town with many attractions, entertainment facilities and events happening all year round, which is why many people are looking to move to the area.

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In October each year the Cheltenham Literature Festival takes place in the Montpellier area of the town. Cheltenham has a festival series that occurs throughout the year and includes the Jazz Festival in May, the Science Festival in June and the Music Festival in July as well the Literature Festival. The Festival was first established back in 1949 and around 600 authors and writers attend the event each year bringing with them examples of their work and perhaps their latest new release. This year’s festival was no different was numerous big names attending, including:

Sally Field – The well-known actress who has appeared in films like Mrs Doubtfire alongside Robin Williams made an appearance to talk about her new book of her memoirs called ‘In Pieces’. In the book Sally takes you on a journey with her through her amazing career and not only talks about the high points in her life but reflects upon the difficult relationship that she had with her own mother and how her childhood shaped her into the woman and mother that she is now.

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Sir David Attenborough – People around the world have come to instantly recognise the voice of Sir David Attenborough and millions of people tune in to watch his Planet Earth series, with may watching it over and over an. Sir David attended the festival this year to talk about his work on the Planet Earth series and the impact that we are having on the planet that we need for our very existence.

Gary Barlow – In an honest discussion Gary Barlow attended the festival to talk about his book ‘A Better Me’ where he talks about career high and lows and his personal battles including his weight, stress and his battle with depression. Reviewers noted how open and honest Gary Barlow was about his personal struggles, culminating with his professional comeback.