An introduction to drain relining

Drain relining is the easiest way to keep your drains in top shape. By creating a pipe within a pipe, repairs can be done with minimal disruption.

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There are plenty of benefits to drain relining, making this cost-effective procedure a savvy choice.

What is drain relining?

When a drain is relined, a protective layer is added to the inside of the pipe. This is extremely effective at preventing cracking and other damage to the pipe.

The process starts with a drain inspection. A professional drain lining company like will use CCTV to assess the extent and location of any damage. The drains are then flushed with a high-power water jet to remove any dirt and debris before the liner is inserted.

The liner itself is attached to an air bag and then threaded into the pipe. This can be done in one long piece or a series of shorter pieces depending on the pipe being lined. Finally, the surface of the newly lined pipe is cured using UV or steam.

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Fast and effective

Drain lining is a fast and highly effective procedure that is cost-effective and long-lasting. With no need for lengthy excavation work, the procedure can be carried out in a fraction of the time and at a much lower costs than a conventional repair.

Once repaired, you should enjoy long-term, trouble-free use of your drains without the need for further repairs. The new liner also improves water flow and drainage performance thanks to the low friction surface.

The key benefits of drain relining

Drain relining has a number of key benefits over more conventional pipeline repair methods.

– Minimal damage: With no need to dig a trench to get at the pipe in need of repair, relining prevents damage to roads, gardens and pathways.

– Prevents cracks and root intrusion: The material used to line the pipe will mould snugly into any gaps and cracks to prevent further damage.

– Long-lasting: This type of repair is not only more cost-effective than pipe replacement; it will also improve the durability and lifespan of the pipe itself.

Relining is the ideal way to ensure that your drains operate trouble-free for years to come with a procedure that is quicker and more environmentally conscious than the conventional pipe repair methods.