Aquarium fish tank-How to clean a fish tank correctly?

How to Clean a Fish Tank?

One of the main reasons why a fish dies is because the fish tank or aquarium is not cleaned correctly. Since depending on the type of fish tank it is advisable to at least change the water part of the vessel every three days.

We are going to teach you how to clean a fish tank and we will give you some advice about it. In the case of a fish tank, it is advisable to do it every three or five days and in the case of an aquarium at least once a month if you are going to do a thorough cleaning.

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Steps to follow to properly clean a fish tank

Drain the water from the fish tank a little: You must first remove about 20% of the water from the fish tank. If it is an aquarium, it should be emptied little by little, so that the fish do not notice the change so much.

Prepare new water:

Water is best to have it ready before cleaning. Since water minerals are not good for fish, it is best to fill the fish tank with mineral-free water or, if you use tap water, put it in a sealed container and leave it overnight for the minerals to be removed.

Capture the fish:

Pass the fish to another container with the water remaining in the fish tank, with 30% of that water enough, so you can clean it thoroughly.

Clean the fish tank:

It is time to remove all the elements and objects that have and clean it using water with a little bleach, it will be enough to combine with a container 90% of water and 10% of bleach, or what is The same, 900 ml. Of water and 100 ml. Of bleach. Clean well and then rinse well the fish bowl. Then allow it to air dry, which will remove any residual chlorine.

Use a siphon for the stones:

Using a siphon you can remove the residues that are hidden in the stones and in that way eliminate the bacteria. To do this, place the stones in the fish tank again once it is dry. And shoot the siphon while moving the stones. Another option is to place the stones in a strainer and let the jet stream help you to eliminate the bacteria.

Take special care in cleaning the decorations:

As with stones and gravel, decorations can also accumulate bacteria. It is therefore very important to thoroughly clean them before putting them back into the fish tank. Once you have cleaned them well, let them dry in the open.

Put the new water:

As the water will already be prepared, first ensuring that it is the same temperature as the previous one, pour in the new water and then place the objects. Finally, it is time to return the fish to your home.

Helpful Tips for Cleaning a Fish Tank

Learning how to clean the fish bowl correctly at first can be a real task. But over time will get used to doing so and will take less work. But we also advise you:

Clean the fish tank at least once a week. Especially when it comes to changing the water or washing the gravel from the bottom.

If you see algae growing, it means that the tank needs urgent cleaning.

To clean a fish tank it is better to always use the same utensils, for the bacteria. So it is advisable to separate them for use only in this function.

There are some fish known as “fish cleaners”, whose function is to leave the fish tanks clean. They eat all the waste that is there. However, before putting them into the fish tank make sure they are compatible with the fish contained therein.

Think that the more fish in a fish tank, the more it will get dirty, so be advised to be very careful. When determining how much you want to have in the bowl and also keep in mind how big it is.

In case there are plants or plants in the tank, wash well.


Not only is it good to learn how to clean a fish tank correctly. You should also know the best way to care for your fish. So please visit the rest of our website to find the tropical and freshwater type of fish. And you have learned how to care for it.