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Eating out used to be considered a treat but it’s becoming more and more common and the choice of cuisine available nowadays makes it even more tempting than ever. Why do people enjoy eating out so much? Let’s look at some of the top reasons for putting your pans back in the cupboard tonight!

It’s Convenient

Sometimes our busy schedules dictate that we don’t have time to prepare and cook meals for ourselves or our family. Eating out saves both energy and time, especially if you’re working all day, it’s late and you’re starving!

To be Waited on

Such a simple thing but sometimes it’s great just to be ‘served’. No hassle, no hours spent slaving over a hot oven – just sit, choose and be presented with your meal. If you’ve been at work all day and particularly if you have been the one doing all the serving to customers, then it’s extra special to be on the receiving end for a change.

Great Choice

Bored with what’s in your cupboards at home? At a restaurant, you have many choices of what to eat and even experiment with cuisine you’ve not tried before or have no idea how to cook right, for example, Asian or Italian. For the Best restaurants in Dublin, visit

Different Courses

If you feel the desire for a three-course meal then this is a lot easier to achieve by eating out. When we cook at home, we don’t often prepare appetizers, soups, desserts and coffee because we’re too tired or busy. When you’re relaxed in a restaurant then you can go crazy and have the ultimate complete feast.

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Living on Your Own

If you’re a single person then possibly one of the loneliest times is meal times. For humans, eating tends to be a social event so sitting down to a microwave meal on your lap and an empty house can seem a little depressing. Many people crave the company of others and it’s easy to meet people in bars, cafes and restaurants. Become a regular and the staff will welcome you like family.


Getting a large family together for a meal can be tricky if you don’t live in a palace or own an endless supply of dining chairs! The easiest option in this scenario is to take the family out to eat. Booking in advance will guarantee a table big enough for your needs, even if they have to push two together. It will also forewarn the chef that a lot of hungry mouths will be descending.

Meal Deals

Obviously eating out costs more than home cooking but the restaurant industry is competitive which means if you look around, you’ll find great offers and discounts on most nights of the week. Kids eat free or 2 for 1 deals are very popular, which is good news for families. If you’re a bit savvy then you can dine out for a fraction of the normal cost.