Back Pain Relief

Back pain if we try to classify then the acute back pain normally occurs suddenly and may last for around three months while a chronic back pain might continue for the life time. The most common of the all is the lower back pain. It is classified as sudden, sharp, persistent and dull pain below the waist. Also known as LBP it is very common that affects almost everybody as some point in their lives. As per the statistics available 70% to 85% of all people suffer from lower back pain. For the younger people below the age of 45 back pains becomes the cause of restriction in their activities. Yet another statistics find this to be the second most frequent reason to visit the physician. Being one of the leading causes of disability it is also a high ranking cause of hospital admissions.

Back pain is generally caused by strain in muscles due to heavy physical work, like lifting heavy objects, bending or twisting our body in awkward positions or continuing to remain in the same position for long. Other possible reasons can be spinal stenos is, arthritis, spinal infection or tumor or vertebral fractures.

Back Pain Relief

For back pain relief most of the patients are treated without surgery. A combination of bed rest for a couple of days and medication are some of the conventional treatment methods, to reduce inflammation and pain. The type of medication required to be given to the patients is decided by the physician depending on many factors such as patient’s medical condition, his age, and other drugs the patient is presently consuming, if any. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug is usually the first choice of back pain relief. These drugs being strong need to be consumed with or after having food. To prevent stomach upset and stomach bleeding this is a must. Muscle relaxants provide relief from muscle spasm, but being sedatives they often cause drowsiness. Narcotic medications are prescribed only for acute back pain relief.

There are other methods to attain back pain relief including physical therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator trial, ultrasound therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy. A properly planned physical therapy is helpful to build muscle strength and flexibility. Its other advantages include improved mobility, coordination, stability and balance and as a result it promotes relaxation. The physical therapy program makes the practitioners move towards wellness more rapidly when compared to others.

In spite of the fact that the number of spinal surgeries done every year is on the rise, it is rarely done for back pain relief. Surgery is done only if the patient suffers from bowel or bladder dysfunction, increased nerve impairment, progressive weakness, incapacitating pain or spinal instability. Of course the entire procedure depends on the cause diagnosed for the back pain. Before all this is done, the treatment planned out by the physician is the first and foremost thing to follow. To help achieve back pain relief in future you need to try to maintain good posture and be consistent with some exercise program at home and maintain proper body weight.