Bamboo flooring cleaning tips

Bamboo floors look very similar to hardwoods, using strong, durable, eco-friendly material. Bamboo is a highly renewable source of material which grows faster than wood. It can be harvested without the need to replant because the roots are left in place when it is picked. Like hardwood floors, it needs to be treated well to make the most of its good looks and long life. It is durable and hard-wearing so needs little care and maintenance but it is important to keep it free from dust, dirt and wet feet. If you are unsure how ever and have a large area to cover and want a specialist to regularly come and clean your floors, especially if it’s for a business then contact a Commercial Cleaning Company in Cheltenham at links like

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Quick and easy cleaning

Sweep regularly with a broom with either a soft bristle or fine fibre brush to prevent dirt or dust scratching the floor. Once a week, you can use a special cleaner for hardwood or wood soap to clean and protect the surface. Do not let the mop get too wet but wring it out thoroughly. Do not use ammonia, vinegar or other acidic cleaners because they can discolour the floor.

Cleaning scuff marks and scratches

If you notice water marks, scuffs or scratches on the floor, you can use mayonnaise to get rid of them. Seriously, put a generous dollop of mayonnaise over the mark, leave it for a few hours or overnight and rub it off with a rag. The stains will be gone –

What not to use

Do not be tempted to run a vacuum cleaner over the floor as it can scratch or dent the surface. Some have a special fitting for wooden or bamboo floors which is fine. A damp mop is good but never use too much water as it could cause the floor to swell. Likewise, floors can absorb the steam from steam mops and warp, distort or swell. Engineered wood flooring can be more resistant to moisture and are a lovely alternative in rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. You can get engineered wood flooring topped with bamboo if you particularly want this look.

Preventing mishaps

To help keep your floor clean and free from scratches as much as possible, ask people take off their shoes before entering the room. Put soft pads under chairs and other furniture to stop them scraping along the floor. Sunlight can fade bamboo over time, so move the furniture around to prevent some parts fading more than others.