Benefits Of Hot Shot Shipping

What is Hot Shot Delivery?

Hot shot delivery is an expedited transport service that helps businesses handle important shipments. It is a special purpose shipping option that is intended for high priority and emergency situations. A hot shot is usually someone who can get something done with speed and efficiency. When time is of the essence and speed is what you need, hot shot delivery is the way to go. A high frequency of requests for service may improve the pricing for multiple shipments, and it is a good topic to discuss with your carrier.

Advantages of Hot Shot Delivery

Advantages of using hot shot delivery far outweigh the disadvantages. There are many reasons that you may want to use it:

  • Availability of last minute service to many locations
  • Access to around-the-clock operations
  • Reliance on reliable and well-trained drivers

When you do not have time to schedule a regular delivery and you have promised delivery to a good customer, you have an excellent option. The cost of the service is obviously more than you have to pay for standard delivery service. The amount you pay varies by the weight of the cargo, the distance it must travel, and other factors. The choice is up to you, but a service is worth more if you can get the job done and make a customer happy.

Limitations for Hot Shot Delivery

Some limitations are in place that you have to accept if you want to use the service. Two of the most important and restrictive ones are these:

  • Weight and distance limits on heavy cargo
  • Permits for interstate shipping of heavy cargo

If your shipment weighs more than 10,000 pounds, the driver is not allowed to have more than 11 straight hours behind the wheel. You cannot use the service for such cargo if your destination city is more than 11 hours removed from the departure city.

Make sure to select a transport company that can comply with the requirements for permits if your cargo has to cross state lines. The permit regulations are in place for shipments that weigh more than 10,000 pounds.

Research Various Delivery Companies

Carriers that offer hot shot delivery are proud of the record they have established for on-time service. While it is expensive, it is far less costly to use trucks instead of airplanes for delivery of your cargo. Your larger shipments are probably excluded from airplane travel anyway, but you have many flexible options when you choose hot shot deliveries.

Many carriers offer hot shot delivery as a part of their regular service. If your current carrier does not include it as an option, there are many others who do. A company that can come through for you when you need it the most deserves your consideration.