Best Use of Space in your Bedroom

If you’re busy designing a new bedroom or thinking about renovation, maybe you’re trying to decide the best course of action for fitting wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes, also known as built-in wardrobes or bespoke wardrobes can offer some great advantages so let’s take a look:

  1. Best Use of Space

Finding a free-standing wardrobe of the correct size and shape for a room is not an easy task. If you’ve moved into a new home, you could well find that your existing furniture just doesn’t sit right in the space you have available. A free-standing wardrobe can look awkward no matter where you place it. By installing customized built-in wardrobes, you eliminate all problems of size, space and getting furniture through doorways. A fitted wardrobe always fits the space perfectly, leaving no wastage of space. For Fitted Wardrobes Dorset, visit lamco design

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  1. You Choose

Finding a wardrobe that matches the rest of your furniture exactly is no mean feat. Getting it home only to realise that it doesn’t quite match is a common problem. Choosing to have bespoke wardrobes means you can choose the exact materials and finish from the start so you know it will fit seamlessly into your existing décor.

  1. Contemporary Feel

Older homes don’t often have such up-to-date features like built-in wardrobes so you’ll be demonstrating your modern, contemporary décor style by opting to repurpose your space to include the use of wardrobes that sit as an integral part of your room.

  1. Tailored

Why settle for a design that someone else has created which means you have to compromise on what you really want? With a fitted wardrobe, you can tailor the design to include all the features you need and that meet your personal requirements. Maybe you want more compartments for storing shoes and accessories, to include a shoe rack or add in additional shelves, drawers and a full-length mirror, for example. Anything you need can be incorporated and enclosed smartly behind closed doors.

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  1. Lighting

A free-standing wardrobe doesn’t come with custom-fitted lighting unless you add something yourself. With a built-in design you can customize your lighting to match your needs and have it turn on and off whenever the doors are opened. When it’s dark or overcast, no more struggling to find what you need in the back of gloomy cupboard. Shed some light on your clothes and accessories, making it quicker and easier to find everything you need.

  1. Easy Clean

No more struggling to dust the top of a wardrobe and dragging the step ladder upstairs. No more wrestling with the vacuum trying to get it under the bottom edge of the cupboard. Hate seeing the cobwebs between the sides and the walls? Built-in wardrobes present none of these problems and offer a seamless finish across your wall. Whilst you might still need to occasionally dust the shelves inside, it’s much lower maintenance than a freestanding-wardrobe.