Boiler Care

Boiler issues always seems to happen at the worst possible time when the cold weather is upon us. That’s usually because they have been sitting idle all summer and then are suddenly asked to work flat out when the autumn and winter arrive. Such problems can be inconvenient and expensive, but there are things you can do to protect this important investment. Prevention can save a lot of money and hassle, so what should a homeowner do to prepare for winter?

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Regular service

One of the best ways to maintain your boiler in tip top condition is to have it serviced regularly and this recommendation is for an annual service to avoid disturbance from surprise problems. A gas safety engineer will come and do this for you to give you peace of mind that your boiler is in good working order. For Boiler Repair Cheltenham, visit a site like


With pipe insulation, you will stop them from freezing when the temperature drops below zero. This helps to prevent the boiler condensate pipe from seizing up during the cold winter months which is the main cause of boiler breakdown. Insulation for pipes is quite cheap and can be purchased at many local DIY stores.

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Caring for your central heating

Bleeding your radiators is a simple job that can help eliminate excess air trapped inside it. If you’ve noticed that some of your radiators are warmer at the top than the bottom, then air is likely trapped in the system. You must remove the air for your system to run as efficiently as possible.