Check Writing Tips

Checks aren’t used as often as they used to be. With the way technology is advancing every day, people and businesses are using credit cards and debit cards most of the time. With a quick swipe of a card, you can get in and out of the store in no time. Most people don’t even have to write out checks anymore because they have check machines nowadays that only require you to sign the check and then they put it through a machine that fills it out. However, there is still some little country stores you might come across in your travels that do take checks that will need to be written out. In this case, you might need some check writing tips to help you.

Use Black Ink

Using an ink pen is better when writing a check because the pen cannot be erased and the amount changed. This prevents thieves from stealing your check and using your money. Using black ink is even better so they cannot try to change anything on it.


Always write the payees name at the top of the check. This is to prevent anyone from finding the check and writing their own name on it. Without doing this, it is like leaving cash laying around for anyone to take.


Always make sure you add a memo of what the check is for. Also, add the memo to your records in your checkbook so you can refer to it another time if you need to.

Check Number

There is the number of the check you are using written on it for your records. Write the number down in your records section in the back of your checkbook in case there is a dispute. By doing this, you can ensure the check was written out to the person or company in case they try to say they did not receive it.

Writing in Numerals

Write the check amount out in numerals so the person, bank or company will know what the amount is for. Also make sure to write the amount out in words so there won’t be any confusion. This will give the bank a way to verify the amount when you go to cash the check. You should also draw a line in front of the words of the amount and at the end of the words of the amount. This will prevent anyone from adding more to the amount and stealing it.

Your Signature

Always sign the check you are writing out. If you don’t sign it, you won’t be able to cash it or the person receiving it will not be able to cash it.


When you order your checks, you have the option of adding your address to them. The only problem with this is in case you move; you will have to order new checks to go with your new address. If you don’t have the check company add your address to it, the person receiving the check might want you to put your address on it to verify where you live. They also might ask you to add your phone number in case the check bounces and they will need to contact you.