Combining web design and SEO boosts marketing strategies

When it comes to creating a new website, most businesses spend a lot of time thinking about the layout and the design. They want to make sure that the website is professional, useable and visually appealing.

However, not enough businesses think about making their website appealing to search engines. In reality your website’s SEO ranking is just as important as the layout. This is because a website with a high SEO ranking will reach a much wider audience, but a website with a low SEO ranking won’t be seen by many people at all.

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Here are four things you can do to ensure that your SEO boosts your marketing strategy.

Make sure your website is mobile optimised

According to Business Insider, today people spend more time on the internet on their mobiles, rather than desktops or laptops.

Google understands that the majority of people on the internet are using their phones, so they penalise websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. This means that websites that aren’t mobile- friendly will be moved down the results page so that fewer potential customers see your website.

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Use search engine friendly URLs

Your domain name is another chance for you to boost your SEO ranking. For instance, a URL like will help to link you to customers who want to find a website design agency in Manchester. However, a URL like won’t link you to customers who want to find a website design agency in Manchester. Make sure that all of your URLs contain relevant keywords and search terms.

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Optimise your images

Search engines can’t see images, but you can add tags to each image so that search engines can ‘see’ them and index them. For instance, if you have written an article about candle making in Nottingham, you should include ‘candle making in Nottingham’ as an alt-tag on any images on the page.

Consider removing website blocks

Lots of websites block content from users who haven’t subscribed, but this can affect your ranking. This is because search engines can’t rank information that they can’t see. If you still want to use blocked content on your website, make sure to include lots of open sections on your website so that search engines will be able to index the information.