Common Gym Equipment

The inside of the gym can seem daunting for those unfamiliar with the various machines and equipment but fortunately, most gyms have the same common exercise machines. Once you are familiar with the basic equipment at most gyms, you can confidently step into any gym and get started with your workout.

Cardio machines

Although you might find a cardio machine that looks strange in some places, there are some that are mainly used: treadmills, rowers, exercise bikes, stair steppers and elliptical machines.


Treadmills offer opportunities for walking, jogging, running, or climbing without setting foot outdoors. With more give to them rather than the sidewalk, they are generally easier on the joints than running outdoors. Find machines like this at a Gym Dublin like

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Elliptical machine

Offering a smoother ride than the treadmill, elliptical machines allows the user to walk, jog, or walk with no impact. Some ellipticals offer grip arm that move while some have a stationary rail.

Stationary bike

A stationary bike in the gym provides an indoor cycling experience. Most gyms have both upright and reclining bikes, and many gyms have an indoor cycling group class.


This “stairway to nowhere” gives a hard-cardio workout that assists in making the lower body stronger.


Mimics the movements of the rowers on paddle boats, providing a good cardio at the same time as strengthening the legs, chest, and back.

Cable and Pulley

A versatile large machine, it is equipped with cables and pulleys for the work force and may have other equipment anchored to it, such as a lat pull-down bar or bar for pull-ups.

Leg Extension Machine

Especially for the quadriceps and hamstring strengthening, the machine is equipped with a sitting area with a bar that meets the leg about mid-shin level. It is possible to adjust the weight enabling an extension of the legs, lifting the bar.

Leg Curl Machine

This machine helps to toughen up the glutes and hamstrings. Once the weight is adjusted, it is possible to lie on the stomach and place the lower legs under the bar, raising the bar repeatedly with your curled toes.

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Smith machine

One of the most misunderstood machines in the gym, the Smith machine assists with squats or bench presses with barbell retaining and guiding movements.

Leg Press Machine

Depending on the model of the machine, the weight may be adjusted by switching off the plate or by moving the pin to a different slot. After a customized weight, sitting in a chair downhill and putting feet on the platform above. Remove the weight and bend the knees, draw closer to your foot, then extend, pushing the foot. This machine strengthens the lower body and can be compared to a squat.

Biceps Curl Machine

After adjusting the weight, sit in a chair and extend your arms, palms up, on top of the pad but below the bar that moves. Grasping the handle, pull your hands toward your shoulders by bending your elbows. This machine strengthens biceps in the arm.