Freshness That Can Last A Lifetime

Temperature controlled storage can protect furniture, clothes, expensive artwork and other valuables from the threat of moisture and humidity. Moisture can lead to the formation of molds in poorly ventilated areas.

What is temperature-controlled storage?
Temperature controlled storage units are places or containers where you can store your goods in a controlled environment. The temperatures are controlled to ensure that they never dip below the freezing point even during the most severe winters or rise above ninety degrees during the summers. The temperature in such storage units remains consistent year round. The humidity is also regulated by the heat and air conditioning.

Advantages of Temperature Controlled Storage
Protect your goods

When goods are subjected to extreme variations in temperature, they have a tendency to get damaged. Blistering hot summers are as bad as extremely cold winters for goods such as furniture and expensive artworks. These conditions, in your storage unit can cause sensitive materials to constantly expand and contract. Furniture that begins to show signs of wear and tear can get an old jaded look.

Moisture and humidity are other factors that can encourage the growth of molds, which hamper the quality of stored goods in a poorly ventilated room. Dampness and lurking smells are the first indications of poor ventilation.

Temperature controlled units maintain a constant temperature around the clock, which ensures the protection and sustainability of your goods. Most temperature controlled spaces will reduce the amount of dust and debris because of their weather tight properties.

Increase the life span of valuables
Valuables made from sensitive materials may spoil easily when exposed to an ever-changing atmosphere. Important documents, manuscripts, and valuable paintings should be stored in a temperature controlled storage unit.

Temperature controlled units are regulated by thermostats similar to the ones in your home. They maintain a constant temperature and decrease the amount of humidity within the storage unit. This allows little dust to enter the storage space. Valuables protected in this manner last longer and show fewer signs of wear and tear.

The quality and lifespan of stored goods increases when preserved under a controlled climate. Under these conditions, antique pieces of furniture look the same way as you left them.

Climate controlled storage units might be a little more expensive than regular storage units, but the amount you save on the preservation of your goods is worth the extra money. This is why it is important to consider temperature controlled storage.