Grab the opportunity to own the innovative Videocon refrigerator!

India greets us with some agonizing summer months! Mumbai is the heart of the sweaty and sultry weather. It’s the place where the sales of the white goods touch the peak in these hot days. It’s a refreshing delight to reach out for the refrigerator door, pull out a bottle of cold drink and take a swig out of it. The delight doubles if we have some cold relief from the insides of the chilly Videocon refrigerator in Mumbai. But don’t think we are trying to compel you into buying a Videocon. Just go online or to any reputed electronics store that holds the Videocon franchisee, check out the different features and get hold of the videocon refrigerator price list in mumbai and make the comparisons with the other refrigerators!

The ideal refrigerator maintains a cold temperature and has an insulated area with a pump that throws the heat out into the atmosphere and keeps the insides of the refrigerator compartment chilly and cool. This helps in preventing food spoilage by lowering the bacteria growth inside the compartment. Passé are the days of the thermocole box that was stuffed with ice slabs, it’s time to lead the way to the innovative Videocon technology.

Videocon holds its head high in the city of Mumbai as it offers a competitive price in the refrigerators that range from an estimated Rs. 45,000 to as less as Rs. 6890, and all are available for purchase with easy monthly installment schemes in Mumbai. In a jiffy the time passes, and you are the proud owner of a Videocon refrigerator.

Videocon comes in two varieties – single and the double door refrigerators. If you search online, you will be surprised that Videocon offers nearly 22 different models in the refrigerator line. The Videocon VCL093 single door refrigerator has a capacity of 80 liters and is priced at Rs. 6,890, but the highest in demand is the Videocon VAB 163 single door refrigerator with a capacity of 150 liters that has a reasonable price of Rs. 8,660 and is a favorite among the Mumbaiites. But sometimes there is a slight price deviation from store to store. The stores have instructions displayed regarding the altered price ranges. This is the latest update that is valid in towns of Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad. The company categorizes the prices of refrigerator according to the different features and brands.

The globally recognized conglomerate Videocon dishes out the refrigerator that matches with the changing demands of the people and sets a trend in the home appliance and consumer electronics section. The company comes out with innovatively created consumer goods that are manufactured and assembled at their own manufacturing units. This personal involvement leads to the development and distribution of a competitive range of white goods that are loved by many people. Place your finger on a refrigerator, a washing machine, a television, an air conditioner, Videocon has it all. It’s the answer to your prayers as the products scream out loud about the dependability and reliability of the company products.