Groovy 70s Kids Shows

There was something a bit magical and groovy about kid’s TV shows in the 1970s that just can’t be replicated. They have a special place in many of our hearts from a childhood of adventure and mystery. Here are some that should bring back some fond memories:

  1. Rainbow

There must have been some hippies working at the BBC back in the 70s, and they must have worked on Rainbow. Everything from the title of the show to the funky opening music, there was singing, clapping, dancing and a whole lot of jolliness. The stars of the show were the adorable Zippy, George and Bungle. This odd trio were furry, freaky brothers from another mother learning things and having adventures in this psychedelic mish-mash of a programme.

  1. The Clangers

These pink knit creatures lived on an alien planet and spoke using peculiar and slightly annoying whistling sounds. There was a soup dragon who fed them blue string soup and whilst very cute – it was a bit odd. They had lots of appeal and are one of the most well-remembered of 70s kids programmes. If your television is making strange noises, don’t let it become a clanger and get it sorted with TV Aerials Swansea at

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  1. The Flumps

Many of us will remember these popular characters, Posie, Perkin and Pootle. There was also Mother Flump, Father Flump and Grandpa Flump who played his ‘flumpet’. And rode on his ‘flumpcycle’. It was pretty sedate by today’s standards but was so popular that Blue Peter featured a section on making your very own flump.

  1. Bagpuss

This is one of most loved kid’s TV shows to ever appear on our small screens. This magical show was set in Victorian times about a cloth cat that came to life when the lost and found shop closed. His ‘lost’ friends would come to life as well, including Gabriel the frog, Professor Yaffle, the mechanical mouse organ and Madeleine the rag doll. It began in sepia before turning to glorious colour when Bagpuss came to life, his bright pink and white stripes totally wasted on us until we all got colour TV sets. Each weekly episode would feature the friends trying to work out what each new lost item was for and fixing it if it was broken.

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  1. 5. Captain Pugwash

Apparently, this is one show that had one meaning for the innocent kids and a totally different vocabulary full of smutty double-entendres for the grown-ups. The writers weren’t too happy about the suggestions this was done intentionally and even sued the Guardian newspaper in 1991. It seems it’s just an urban myth that ‘Seaman Staines’ and ‘Master Bates’ were named so on purpose!

  1. Fingerbobs

This was a much-loved and very sweet programme featuring Yoffy, the finger puppet mouse. With its very distinctive flute opening music and highly memorable lyrics, no doubt generations since have been showing this to their kids who can giggle at the simplicity as they view it on YouTube!