Having A Cleaning Routine Makes Life Easier!

There are three general rules to cleaning, the first one is, ‘everything has a home.’ You can not have a neat and tidy home, if things are strewn out all over the place. Everything has a home, means there is a place for everything in the home (a place for everything and everything in it’s place). A very inexpensive way to facilitate the place for everything mantra is to have bowls, boxes and containers, all can be bought very inexpensively at the pound shop, dollar store, charity shop or a thrift store. The second rule of cleaning is ‘never leave a room empty handed.’ If you follow this rule, then you won’t be spending hours at any given time cleaning. For instance let’s say you are watching TV and you are tired and ready to go to sleep.

There could be a dish or a glass that needs to go to the kitchen. Make sure you take those things and put them where they belong, or fold the blanket up, etc. The third rule is to clean up right away, don’t put it off. If you are cooking something, clean up as you go, and after the meal. That way nothing is overwhelming. Do leave it for another time, if you follow these three simple cleaning rules, it will be much easier to keep a home clean all the time. Having a cleaning schedule will keep your home always tidy and clean. It will never be an overwhelming fete to keep it clean.

Do it Daily!!!

The first part of the schedule is the daily part, things you do daily. Like make your bed, as soon as you get out of bed make it. Wipe down bathroom counters daily, right after the bathrooms are used in the morning, the counters can be washed and cleaned. Empty the entire dishwasher every morning, not as you need, but the entire washer. Every night load the dishwasher, this is a daily chore. Also every night clean and wipe the kitchen counters, take out the trash every night. Quick sweep or vacuum with careful attention paid to the kitchen.

De clutter the living room of any items that were left there like toys, pet toys, books, etc. Next there are weekly chores broken down by the day. So on Monday for instance the can be deep cleaning, Tuesday clean the mirrors and windows, Wednesday scrub the toilets and bathtubs/ On Thursday Mop the Floor, Friday dust, Saturday laundry.

None of these are set in stone, adjustments and alterations can be made. However this guide gives a very good idea of what is needed to do in order to regularly keep a home clean and tidy, so no matter who shows up, you’re never taken off guard and embarrassed by a dirty home. If you spend about 15 minutes a day, then nothing will be overwhelming. Also if you want to invite someone over for dinner, you never feel like you have to do a huge cleaning just to have someone over, if it’s always kept clean and tidy!