High-quality, low-maintenance flooring options for your home

When it comes to choosing flooring for your home, it is likely that you will want it to look stylish in addition to being easy to maintain. Thankfully, there are a number of options available to you that will add a touch of luxury to your home but will not cost you a fortune in the process.

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Durable and easy to install, lino floors are also incredibly easy to take care of. Lino’s nature means that it is naturally anti-microbial, which makes it easy to clean. Sweeping lino floors regularly will ensure dirt does not cause any discolouration, while washing with warm water is all it takes to keep this flooring option looking brand new for as long as possible.


A natural source of insulation, carpeted floors are easy to maintain, warm and stylish. High-quality carpets will stand the test of time and, with regular vacuuming and the occasional shampoo, will look as good as new for many years. Carpet tiles are even more versatile, with any damaged tiles able to be quickly replaced without having to redo an entire floor.

Solid wood flooring

Wood flooring is an asset to any home and there as a reason why wood flooring is so popular: it looks great, feels comfortable underfoot, and is very easy to look after. Its elegant look ensures that wood flooring adds a touch of luxury to every space. Frequent sweeping or vacuuming and regular mopping with a damp mop is all wood flooring needs to stay looking as good as new for as long as possible.


Whilst cork may initially sound like an unusual option, its comfortable feeling underfoot makes it a great choice. Sweeping or vacuuming regularly and running a damp mop over it once a week means that it is an easy to maintain flooring option that looks great and adds a touch of warmth to a room.


Easy to install and incredibly affordable, vinyl flooring has a natural resistance to dirt and water, which means that taking care of it is extremely simple and fuss-free. The durability of vinyl ensures it is a suitable option for busy homes, with regular vacuuming all that is needed to keep it clean.