How Much Does It Cost To Remove Skin Tags Smackdown!

Though skin tags are not a serious health problem, they can be a cause of concern if you’ve never had them before. Skin tags are just a small skin growth attached to your skin by a stalk. They usually develop where the skin folds and the areas with skin creases like eyelids, armpits, neck and the buttocks.

If the skin tags occur on the visible areas, they can be embarrassing. Due to this cosmetic reason, most of the people want to get them removed. Either by themselves, or by a skin specialist. But How much does it costs to remove the skin tags? The price varies depending on how do you choose to get rid of them.

Skin tags develop more often in the overweight or obese people as they have more extra skin and skin folds than the skinny people. Sometimes, the tags may develop at the places where they may get irritated due to constant friction.

Let’s take a look at some of the skin tag removal methods performed at, their costs and the possible complications which could make the affair way more expensive than you might think.

Dermatologist OR Doctor: Either you visit a doctor or a dermatologist, both of them can be expensive, especially if you have more skin tags. Initially, you can visit a doctor which will cost around £100 to £300 if you don’t have health insurance. If you have more skin tags or infection, the cost may get higher.

The doctor will recommend you a dermatologist, which will cost another £100, just for the consultation. Now, after examining the skin tags, dermatologist will suggest you the best method to remove them. The price depends on which method he thinks; is the best. Various skin tag removal methods include tying them off, cutting them off or laser surgery. Let’s review all these methods briefly:

Cut Them Off: There are many people who wish to get rid of skin tags at home. They cut off the skin tags with the scissors or nail clippers after disinfecting the surrounding area by rubbing alcohol. This may help you get rid of the tag immediately but there may occur complications such as infection, bleeding or scarring.

This method is really quick and won’t cost you money, of course if you do not get infection and have to see a doctor. This method is not recommended by the doctors as it has too many risks.


Ligation: This method implies to tying off the skin tag. This is done by tying a dental floss around the tag to ensure it is extremely tight. This is done to stop the blood circulation to the skin tag so that it dies and falls off. Usually, it takes few days to work. If the floss is not tied tightly, it will allow the blood supply to the tag and the method won’t work.

Ligation method do causes some discomfort but it is one of the effective methods. It may leave a scar behind, but applying an antiseptic it can also be ward off.

Freezing: This is a fast way to get rid of the skin tags. Doctors and dermatologists use liquid nitrogen to freeze off the skin tags. It takes only about a minute but may cost you a pretty amount of money. Health insurance does not cover this cost, so you’ll have to pay around £100 to £200 depending on the doctor.

Hidden Costs: The cost to remove the skin tags mainly depends on the removal method you select, but there are many out-of-the-box products that are clinically proven to be effective in removing the skin tags. These products can get the job done in just 20 to 30 pounds. Another way is to remove them using the home remedies like tea tree oil or a duct tape method.

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