How some scents can help improve your mood

Essential Oils like the ones you can find at  and aromatherapy have been used for centuries to heal both the body and the mind. It is important when looking to embark on a journey with essential oils that you seek advice from a professional company and that you ensure that you follow all the guidelines you are given and let them know of any pre-existing conditions that you may have that could mean there are certain oils that you should not use. One of the many reasons why people use essential oils is for the positive effects that it can have on your mental health and overall wellbeing.

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Oils such as lavender, geranium and camomile along with orange and lime can help to make you feel more relaxed and less stressed as well as creating a general feeling of positivity. The scent of orange can also help to improve your concentrate and motivation so a blend of some of these oils to really help when you have a case of the Monday morning blues and you are struggling to feel motivated at work or home. These can be perfect if you find that by the afternoon you are starting to dip slightly in your energy levels. Instead of reaching for yet another cup of coffee or perhaps that trusted chocolate bar that you always keep in your desk drawer, why not try some aromatherapy oils perhaps infused in a hand cream. Black Pepper is a popular smell o give you a quick pick me up and see you though the last few hours of the working day.

At this time of year, you will find many items containing essential oils that help to add the aromas of Christmas to your home decorations. Whether this is the smell of oranges and frankincense or perhaps cinnamon and vanilla. Again, you can find blends that will give your Christmas in a bottle. You can then choose whether to diffuse this throughout the room or perhaps add it to some of your decorations or create your own Christmas pot-pourri with it.

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There is also some essential oil that can help to alleviate the symptoms of the dreaded cold viruses that seem to be flying around during the winter season. These include cinnamon, turmeric and marjoram. Diffusing these into the room perhaps before you got to bed in the evening will help with the stuffy nose and head feeling that comes along with a cold.