How to choose the right pair of football boots

If you’re looking to get a decent pair of football boots without breaking the bank, there are a number of things to think about. Let’s take a look at what important factors make all the difference when buying your next pair of boots.

Pitch conditions

If you’re serious about football, then you should invest in a pair of interchangeable studded boots. This ensure that you are set, whatever the weather. If you prefer to play indoors, or on AstroTurf, then don’t waste your money on studs. Instead, go for rubber soles which have a good grip.

Which material?

Leather is the standard choice for football boots and for a good reason. Although there are synthetic materials that can look just as good, especially when priced much lower, synthetic materials aren’t breathable, which means they won’t be as comfortable and could impair your feel of the ball.

Comfort over style

It goes without saying, but buying a pair of boots that are comfortable should outweigh the name that is printed on them. They will endure lots of wear, as running around for 90 minutes whilst kicking a ball can put a lot of pressure on your boots. Make sure you try them on, and they’re comfortable. You could also look online, where there is a much larger range of boots available. Websites like have a good selection and they also stock cheap football kits, which may be beneficial if you’re looking for a full kit.

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Value for money

Make sure you shop around for your perfect pair, and don’t just settle on one because it is endorsed by your favourite footballer. It might be the right boot for them, but not necessarily for you. Some footballers and managers have questionable taste, like Harry Redknapp promoting toe poke boots. Some brands suggest that one particular aspect of the boot makes it special. Don’t be fooled – even if it does have new technology, it still needs to be a good all round boot.

Whether you’re working at going pro or you just like a kick about with your mates, choosing the correct boot depends completely on the individual. Remember, above all, it must be comfortable in order to allow you to play a full match without having to be subbed due to ill fitting boots.