How to create the perfect snug at home

Has open plan had its day?

As lovely and popular as open plan living is there has recently been a huge trend in creating snugs in the home.

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Although it has many benefits for families spending time together, open plan has its downsides. The discord can occur when parents want to chat while kids want to watch TV or while older kids want to get away and have some time alone. The kitchen space in open plan can also stop homeowners relaxing as they can still see washing up, chores or smell cooking smells whilst trying to chill out in front of their favourite box set in the evening.

The rise of snugs in the home could also be down to us embracing the Danish phenomenon of Hygge, which is, according to The Telegraph, the reason Denmark is voted the happiest place on earth.

It is also impractical to think that most homes have the floor space to incorporate both an open plan living/dining/kitchen area as well as a fully functional living room.

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Choosing the right furniture

Many homes do however have a small room or area that often has no function or becomes a box room and dumping ground. This is a great area to convert into a snug. Invest in low-level lighting, lots of soft furnishings and comfortable chairs. A deep sofa is preferable but if you don’t have space choose a large bean bag for the kids to chill out on. And the Lloyd Loom chairs ( are so comfortable for snuggling up with a book under a blanket, and they are timeless so will be a versatile chair that changes with the ever-changing needs of your home.

Painting the walls of your snug in calming but dark hues will also create that atmospheric feel. Greens, greys and blues work really well and are known for their calming effects.

Another way to invoke a cosy relaxing atmosphere is with the use of candles and aromatherapy. The Danes use the highest number of candles per household in Europe so they must be getting something right so choose relaxing scents like lavender and jasmine.

Ensure all lighting is dimmable to create that really cosy feel. Now light some candles, grab a book and enjoy.