How to hire a crane

When completing any kind of building project, there is the likelihood that a crane may be needed to help transport or even erect building materials. Cranes of all shapes and sizes are available to complete the job.

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In the case of a small home-based renovation project, steel beams or roof trusses may need to be lifted, whilst a larger construction project such as the building of a housing estate or a large rail infrastructure project could have all kinds of materials that need to be shifted.

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When is a crane needed?

Generally speaking, if something is unable to be completed by manual labour alone, a crane is required. If something needs to be lifted into a hard to reach space or items are simply too heavy to be lifted safely, hiring a crane will help the job be carried out without further issue.

There is a range of factors to consider when hiring a crane, such as how to get it to the site you are working on. When driving a mobile crane, it is vital to ensure that your licence is sufficient to operate the vehicle and the that the driver is confident and aware of the size and shape of the crane they are driving. Accidents can happen, such as the overturned crane that found its way into a ditch in Oxford earlier this year.

If you need to transport a crane between job sites and are unsure whether your driving licence covers you, it is important to contact your crane hire specialists to ask for their guidance.

Types of crane

One of the simplest types of crane that can be hired is the davit crane. This type of crane is suitable for small construction projects and is available from hire companies such as The winch design and counterbalances enable this crane to lift 150kg with ease.

Larger construction projects will require larger cranes with heavier lifting abilities. A good hire company will be able to advise you on the best crane for your project based on what you have to lift, where it needs to be taken, and any access issues surrounding your project.

The right type of crane can make any construction job a breeze, even when heavy lifting in hard to reach areas is involved.