4 ways to look after your dog

Dog grooming is a growing industry, but there are other ways to pamper your pet. We don’t just want healthy pets – we also want to spoil them rotten.

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From gourmet food to toys, treats and grooming, more of us are  splashing out on our pets.

The Dog’s Dinner

The way to a dog’s heart is through its stomach, but overdo it with treats and you might find yourself putting Fido on a diet.

If you do decide to treat your dog, there is a growing array of gourmet food to appeal to the most discerning pooch. Dogs – and cats – love to feast on scraps, and while foods such as chocolate can be toxic, there is no reason why you shouldn’t feed them the odd scrap of meat, fish or cheese. It is possible to give Healthy Dog Treats that won’t make your pet obese.  If you’re looking for healthier food options, then consider The innocent pet

Celebrity chef James Martin recently joined forces with vet Marc Abraham to devise a range of gourmet foods for pampered dogs. (canine cordon bleu for man’s best friend)

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Many owners share beds with their pets, and some have been known to kick a partner out to make room. Just remember that if you allow Fido into your bed every night, it will be a habit that is hard to break. Cats are more fickle and will often shun your bed in favour of somewhere inconvenient, such as the newspaper you were just about to read. Most cats love warmth, so you can give Tiddles a treat by purchasing a cat radiator bed.

Playful Pooches

Bring out your pet’s inner puppy (or kitten) by taking time out for regular play. Play is fun, good exercise and will help you bond with your pet.


A pampered pet is healthy on the inside and looks good on the outside, having been provided a comprehensive range of pet care to cater to  a dog’s requirements.

For many of us, dogs and cats are more than just pets; they are important family members who entertain and keep us company. We are willing to devote time and energy to keeping our feline and canine companions happy.

Many owners love to spoil their pets, but do make sure you are doing so for the animal’s benefit and not yours.