How to liven up your Christmas events

Was your office Christmas event a bit of an anti-climax this year? Getting a bit tired of the same old traditions and venues? Then, here are some unique ideas to add a bit of spice to your next Christmas event.

New Technology

Tech can be daunting, and things change so quickly but this is a popular area to explore in terms of providing a memorable experience for an event. Let loose on some new toys and tricks at your next event. For example, guests will be wowed by an interactive, customised video wall or 3D printers providing personalised figurines with the Shapify Booth Scanner. Explore current trends in event tech and create a lively, engaging event that your attendees will long remember.

Choose a unique venue

If you’re sick of partying in the same venue every year, then take some time to explore all the weird and wonderful options available in Corporate Venue Hire now for totally unique venues. For help with finding Corporate Venue Hire in the Cotswolds, visit Secret Spaces.

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Get festive with giveaways

Most events provide goody bags or little gifts for their attendees, and if you plan to do this, use it as an opportunity to provide something festive, unique and worth having. Fun and functional is the best objective with giveaways and make them more likely to be put to good use. Think detox bath goodies, festive-scented candles, seasonal sweets, a hangover kit or anything that relates to the Christmas experience that is useful and amusing.

Consider festive cocktails

A drinks station where guests can have fun with the help of a professional cocktail maker will cause a real stir at your Christmas event. Your guests can play around with a variety of festive flavours, give their personalised drinks fun names and you can even hold a competition for the best holiday cocktail. The signature cocktails on offer can match your branding or theme for the party. You can supply the ingredients with or without alcohol and include lots of festive treats like pomegranate and cranberries, for example.

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Provide a special surprise

The Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to provide a sense of anticipation by promising a special guest, gift or unique performance. Depending on the size of the party, you could even keep the venue a surprise and provide a treasure hunt for people to follow to get to the event. Some mystery and anticipation can really ramp up the fun, so use your imagination and give a great party next Christmas.