How to make moving more fun for children

Children feel helpless when you tell them you are moving. They usually do not have much input in the decision. So, engage them in as many decisions as you can.

  1. Make a list of family desires. This will help you to reach consensus on some things that you all want from your new home: a larger backyard, a play room, a separate room for children, for example.
  2. Do house-hunting together. If it’s practical, take your kids with to look at prospective homes. If you search online, bookmark your favourites so that your children can see them too.

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  1. Let them map out their new room. Bring paint swatches home so your child can choose the colour. Then make it an art project: Get them to stick pictures onto some construction paper of where they want to place the bed and furniture, for example.
  2. Pack a favourite box. Provide your child with their own packing box that can be decorated in any way they want and used for their favourite things. Place it in the car with you so that it can stay close. For all other boxes, consider Removal Companies Essex at a site like Jeakins, leading Removal Companies Essex.

5. Create a memory book. The kids can fill it with pictures and mementos of your home and friends, along with their contact details to stay in touch.

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  1. Say farewell to the house. During the last meal, the family asks each child to recall a favourite memory from living in their old home.