How to make your own handmade wedding confetti

Weddings can cost a small fortune, but they don’t necessarily have to break the bank. Handmade wedding items are more popular than ever, and whilst going this route will save you money, it will also add a personal touch to your wedding that is always appreciated. Handmade confetti is just one of those do-it-yourself jobs that can actually turn out better than if you had bought it in a shop. Here is how you can make it yourself easily and affordably.
Before you start

Rope in your friends and family several months before your big day by getting them to save their flowers. This means you won’t have to go out and buy flowers specifically for your confetti. You’ll have a good collection from those bunches that would have just been thrown out.

Which flowers to use

One of the best flowers to use are roses. The petals are large enough to stay a good size, even when dried. You can choose your own flowers to use; hydrangea, lavender and delphiniums will also make great confetti. Choose your colours wisely. They may turn slightly darker when dried, so keep that in mind when matching to your colour scheme. When wet, fresh and air-dried petals may stain, so freeze-drying is one way to avoid this in the rain.

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Making your confetti

When your flowers are starting to look less fresh, pull the flower head off at the stem. Lay the petals on a piece of kitchen roll with small gaps between them to allow the air to get in between. Place them somewhere that is warm and dry and add to your collection when they are completely dried. Repeat until you have enough!

Budget and eco weddings

It’s not just confetti that you can make by hand. Try making your own bouquet or handmade wedding invitations to save money. Of course, if you prefer having someone else design your invites, there are plenty of sites online, such as, who have great collections. Making your own wedding items is also ideal if you are planning an environmentally friendly wedding, which are becoming a popular approach.

When planning your wedding, it’s normal to stress about the small things. By planning in advance, you’ll save money and have one less thing to worry about.