How To Repair A Dent In Your Car

It can be a real disappointment the moment you notice a dent in your car, especially if you have worked hard at keeping it looking as new as possible. Whether hitting something in the parking lot or being struck by an object caused it, dents can certainly distort your car’s image. However, there are a few ways that you can fix a dent right from your own garage. These methods are cost effective for the most part, and this helps save the cash in your wallet in case larger scale problems occur.

Fixing A Dent With A Hair Dryer

This method works the best if the dent happens to be on one of the flatter surfaces of your vehicle such as the roof, trunk, doors, fenders or hood. The first thing to do is to examine the dent. You will either need dry ice or a pressured air can, gloves and a hair dryer to start. Turn the hair dryer on to medium high heat and directly blow the air at the dent for one minute. To ensure that this doesn’t ruin your paint job, hold the hair dryer about six inches away from the surface. Next, if you are using an air pressure can that dispenses cold air hold it upside down and apply it to the area that you just heated with the hair dryer.  The drastic difference in temperature is what makes the dent invert itself, and within a short amount of time you should hear the popping of the metal going back to its original condition. If you are choosing to use dry ice for the second half of this method, be sure to insulate the area a little bit and wear gloves when handling it. This will protect your hands, skin, as well as the paint on the car.

Fixing A Dent With A Glue Gun

Another way to fix a dent in a car is by using a couple of simple household tools, such as a glue gun and some wood corkscrews. This method could be used for larger area dents because it can be easily repeated until it is completely fixed. The first thing to do is to clean the area very well because having a spotless surface will make it easier for the glue to attach. Then, take a few wooden corkscrews or something similar and drill a couple nails into the sides to form mini handles. You want them to be secure enough to withstand a good tugging. Next, glue the bottoms of the corkscrews with some hot glue from a glue gun. It is important to use this type of glue because there is less of a chance of causing damage to the paint on the body of the car. Allow the corkscrews to dry, and then slowly pull them off to bring the indented area back to where it belongs. If needed, repeat this part of the procedure several times until you get the results you are looking for. When you are finished, scrape off the dried glue with or without the corkscrews still attached, and it should come off fairly easy.

Buy A Kit In the Store

A third option is to buy a kit in a large retail store with a decent automotive section. There are inexpensive sets that are available for removing small dents, and they work fairly well. Normally, they include a tool with a suction cup that is pretty easy to use, and these pieces can all be saved for any future needs.

While these are a few ways to save money, going to a dent repair expert is always the best decision. They have the proper tools and expertise to have your car looking great and dent free!