Is your IT support provider holding you back?

Whatever your company does, it’s almost impossible to do business these days without using IT. Many companies can’t live without access to computers and other IT systems. Losing this access can mean anything from a mild inconvenience to a major catastrophe, one a company may never recover from. This is why data recovery is so important, and why you need to make sure your IT support provider has a plan for recovering any data lost quickly, limiting any negative impact an incident might have on your company.

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Causes for data loss

Data can be lost temporarily or permanently. There are numerous causes including disk or hardware failure, power outages, damage to servers from fire or flood, or cyber-attacks, one of our biggest concerns.

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The cost of data loss

There doesn’t seem to be one figure everyone can agree on when it comes to how much a data loss costs a company, but everyone can agree that the figure is pretty high – around £6,500 for an SME and £64,000 for larger companies.

The impact of data loss

Data loss isn’t just about the data itself; it’s what it means for your company. What will you do without being able to access your customer database, for example, or update your website with your latest products? A survey by the British Chambers of Commerce found 93% of businesses that lost data for more than ten days filed for bankruptcy within a year.

How to avoid data loss

Unfortunately, IT downtime is almost unavoidable. However, if your IT provider has a robust data recovery plan, you can be confident your data is safe. Make sure you choose a provider such as IT support Cheltenham based, who are experienced in data recovery. Then ask the following questions:

– How will they keep your business critical data safe?
– Where and how often will your data be backed up?
– Are back-ups automated or done manually?
– Who is responsible for your data recovery?
– How quickly can you access your data after an incident?

Getting answers to these questions will help you make the right choices when it comes to choosing the right IT provider and making sure that your data is safe. If you do suffer data loss, information can be recovered quickly, helping to keep your company in business.