It’s a tough job

You would think that in the 21st century, fire would no longer be a risk to life. Unfortunately, too many people are still injured or killed in fires every year, with the recent high-profile tragedy in London bringing to our attention the ever-present dangers of fire. Firefighters have a crucial role to play in the prevention and putting out of fire so let’s take a look at how people get into this essential job and the skills required:

Firefighters can work anywhere, not just in built-in urban areas. They could be employed to cover rural areas or fight forest fires which are a big threat in hot countries. They receive expert training in not only fighting fire but also attending medical emergencies, rescuing those trapped in vehicles and buildings, education and fire prevention training. Not only is physical fitness a key component of the requirements of the role but you’ll also need excellent problem-solving skills, be able to work on your own initiative and remain calm in difficult situations.

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A firefighter needs to demonstrate the ability to communicate with all sections of the community, be confident, adaptable, tough but understanding, have great integrity and be at the peak of their physical fitness. They must also possess the willingness to learn and develop continually throughout their career as new technology and methods for firefighting are introduced. As much as love and respect our local firefighters, save yourself a visit from them and arrange a Fire risk assessment Gloucester for your business. For more information, visit

Entering the profession is not easy and some candidates have spent months, even years applying before being successful. You’ll need to fill in an application form when your local service is recruiting. Gathering as much information as possible about the recruitment process and mental and physical requirements will put you ahead of the competition and give you time to completely prepare. Many fire services only recruit once every few years so it’s vital to take your preparation seriously, as you might not get another chance for some years.

Regular workouts and exercise are crucial to get you ‘firefighter fit’. Resilience and a strong physicality are required due to the extreme conditions that firefighters work in. The job can involve being sent into dark, confined spaces, hot and humid conditions, areas with little oxygen, long shifts and lengthy periods of activity, particularly during a rescue operation. At any time, you could be running, climbing, carrying heavy ladders and breathing equipment, carrying people and operating large hydraulic cutting equipment.

The recruitment process will include a medical examination and there are also eyesight requirements that must be met. Part of the process also includes a psychological assessment which covers areas of information processing abilities, working with numbers, problem-solving and personal qualities. The fire service wants to see if an applicant has a commitment to continual development, diversity, adaptability, resilience and a high level of situational awareness. You don’t need any experience to answer these questions as they are solely about your personality traits.