Leftover flooring gifts you can create

When you install a new floor, you are likely to end up with bits of leftover flooring pieces at the end of the job. This is because you need to buy extra to have enough in case of breakages and to give you space for cutting the shape required. There is no need to throw these oddments away. Instead, why not make them into personalised gifts for friends and family?

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One great idea is to make a piece of carpet into a scratching post for a cat. This gives your feline friend a great texture to scratch and sharpen their claws. Simply glue the carpet segment onto a piece of wood or a wooden post with a high-quality adhesive. Another idea is to create a carpet snake to insulate doorways.


However hard you try not to have leftover hardwood, there will nearly always be some pieces at the end of the job. This type of flooring is too expensive to waste, so why not turn hardwood into a chopping board? Simply choose a good-quality jigsaw and use this handy implement to turn the hardwood into a great shape, such as a favourite fruit or animal. You could also cut an initial into the wood or an engraving if you are skilled at woodwork.  You could use the leftover flooring to make shelves in your garage and for your friends or family.  Although if you want professional garage shelving you could source this from https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk


A stone floor tile might seem difficult to use again, but there are many gift ideas for this material. Pieces of stone, granite, marble or slate are ideal for garden ornaments or to add to rockeries. They can also be attractive as edging for flower beds or stepping stones across a garden. This is an innovative gift that is ideal for gardeners.

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Laminate flooring can also be made into a present by turning it into shelving. Simply take planks and add some wall brackets. You could also add planks to cupboard to create shelves inside the furniture.


Ceramic tiles are always great ideas for presents as these can be presented as coasters for hot drinks. Ceramic tiles are often brightly coloured. A set of four or six can make great coasters. They are also ideal to use as mats to protect surfaces from hot pans. Just make sure you stick some cork feet onto the base to prevent heat transfer.