Patio Furniture Fads

When we decorate our homes we concentrate a lot on the inside and this is important, but we cannot neglect our patios. The patio is where you can throw the hottest summer parties or just relax at the end of a long day. Before you head to the furniture store for your outdoor patio furniture, be sure to look at what is trending so that you know you will get a patio set that everyone you know will envy!

It is All About Comfort

Trending styles tend to be cushioned allowing for maximum comfort. The cushions should have very straight lines and not be overstuffed. They have a very modern feel, but are thick and comfortable. These cushions can be found separately or they can come along with the actual furniture.

Building Materials

Some of the most popular materials right now are wicker, cast aluminum and teak. Teak has a classic feel, but with the trending designs, works very well in modern outdoor patio furniture designs.

Cast aluminum is often associated with industrial design, but the way it is used in current trends, it appears very luxurious. The outdoor tables usually have cast aluminum legs and glass inserts for the actual table tops. The chairs will either have the cushions mentioned above, or none at all. The chairs tend to be wide and roomy and these are great if you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain because you can simply wipe them dry.

Wicker went out of style for a while and many felt old wicker furniture was just not sturdy. The new and trending wicker is thicker and reinforced so it can stand up to busy parties and harsh weather. These tend to come cushioned with modern cushions, but you can also add a pillow or two to further decorate the piece.

Motion Furniture

Furniture that rocks and glides is something you probably think you will only find on your grandma’s porch, but these are very “in” right now for people of all ages. If you can find a rocking chair in any of the building materials listed above, you are sure to have a modern and timeless piece of furniture on your outdoor patio.