Perfect Gifts for Older Relatives

If you have older relatives to buy for this Christmas, it can be tough to know what they would really appreciate. It’s highly likely they’ve already said not to worry about them or they have everything they need but you want to get them something that’s useful and heartfelt. Here are some gift ideas for items they might really appreciate:

Gifts for safety and encouraging independence might be at the forefront of your mind this year. Helping to keep elderly people in their homes and achieving independence is something that most people want for their loved ones. If limited mobility is an issue, then the bathroom can be an awkward place. Bath and shower grips, if they don’t already have them, could be really appreciated and offer to install them yourself. Clamp grips are more secure than suction grips.

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You might want to get a gift that makes cooking easier for someone. Elderly people are more likely to be involved in kitchen fires whether down to forgetting to turn burners off, losing track of cooking times or slips and spills – a great gift idea is an induction cooker top. There are no flames and no heat other than inside the pot. They are also easily cleaned and cook faster.

Perhaps all these ideas are already in place and you’d prefer a gift that’s more sentimental. Memory gifts are precious so why not give a personalised gift including old family photos or make your own memory book about their life. Gifts like these are also beneficial for those with dementia. Combine useful and sentimental with Personalised Lap Trays. Whilst eating or organizing their medication they will see wonderful pictures of their family on their very own bespoke tray. Find out more at personalised lap trays

Another useful gift is the voice-activated organizer which can be used to create lists of groceries or errands that need doing. You can record your voice and the gadget then categorizes the list and prints it off, so you can carry it to the shop with you. Items will be grouped together to make it easier to find in store and they won’t forget those essentials.

Other useful comfort gifts include a wheeled shopping bag with built-in seat for enjoying a rest whilst out and about. Massage pillows that fit onto armchairs are brilliant for anyone suffering from arthritis, poor circulation and diabetes, for example. Try to find one that performs Shiatsu massage which is particularly good for relieving muscle and joint pain and improving circulation.