Read SMS on Android Phone Using a Remote Monitoring Software

Android phones know no bounds when it comes to popularity. They seem to be everywhere you look. Even your kids and employees may be using one to stay in touch with their social circle via texting. Harmless as it all sounds, if you look deeply, you’ll come to realize the hidden implications both as a parent and an employer, warranting some sort of counter measure on your part. When it comes to protecting your reasonable interests, it is imperative that you explore all available options, including spying technology. The advent of text message spy apps offer a convenient and reliable option to resolve this issue, though before opting for such a solution, it is imperative that make yourself familiar with it.

Why You Need an SMS Spy App

If you find yourself in the role of a parent, an SMS spy app is an essential tool to help you keep an eye on your rebellious teen. Teens are prone to behaving reckless, both in real world as well as online. The monitoring tool lets you keep an eagle eye on all their text conversations, while also allowing receiving details such as time and date at which messages were exchanged, and name or contact number of sender or receiver so that you come to know immediately if an intervention has become necessary. As an employer, text message spy app can save your company from challenging circumstances. Employee texting in workplace is pretty common, but that doesn’t make it any less damage to the company’s decorum and performance. Workforce productivity is often seen to slump as employees remain distracted on their phones. Even more worrisome is the threat of data loss. There is a risk of employee switching loyalty to a rival company and spying for them on their current company, leaking critical information in real time. Fortunately, text message spy apps are there to save the day. You can use the technological solution to keep tabs on employees’ SMS conversations, discouraging them excessive use of their phone during work hours and also sniffing out a snitch.

How SMS Monitoring Works


After you’ve installed a SMS monitoring app on an Android phone, it goes into stealth mode, thus becoming hidden to the naked eye. Running covertly in the background, it records and transmits all SMS present on the device and uploads them to an online panel that is accessible by the user from anywhere at any time. The app continues to upload logged SMS conversations online at regular intervals. Some apps are even capable of logging SMS which have been deleted after its installation.

Exploring the Other Features of Spy Apps

When you invest in a text message tracking app, you may find yourself enjoy far more benefits than you had expected. Some of the best SMS spy apps come equipped with additional features such as call monitoring, web monitoring, location tracking, picture and video logging, and much more. Therefore, always be sure to look around a bit before choosing an app for your digital surveillance needs.