The Best Fridge on the Market?

Searching for the best fridge on the market will take some time and your budget will massively affect which one you can ultimately afford to invest in. However, when you run a business that relies on the use of a fridge, it is imperative that you source the best fridge possible and spending a little more money can go a long way to buy you more reliability and better quality, which are both essential in commercial refrigeration.


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When it comes to finding the best fridge on the market, there are a few things that will help you to determine which make and model will suit your needs the best. Some companies may need a fridge that does everything from dispense ice and make coffee, while others may be content with a small unit that will simply keep their food items chilled. The Telegraph has its own ideas on what makes a great fridge with manufacturers such as Miele, Neff and Samsung all ranking highly, but those looking for commercial fridges may need to invest in specialist units that are notably slimline to save storage space or that have extra features such as a wine cooling unit built in.

Yet there is one fridge that is quite possibly the best fridge in the world. Not only does it keep your food items at the optimum temperature but it also does a whole host of other useful things including:

1. Makes coffee
2. Has an ice dispenser
3. Features a microwave oven, multi-function oven and a steam oven
4. The pantry and fridge holds 334 liters
5. The freezer can store 86 liters
6. The doors are designed to store bottles, condiments, eggs and cheeses
7. The fridge features drawer sections to store fresh items such as lettuce and tomatoes
8. There are numerous shelves to store different food types

There are various models available and all come with optional extras, and this fridge is called the Meneghini la Cambusa. It is the mother of all fridges and will work perfectly in any commercial kitchen space that depends on an ability to chill food items safely. Companies such as Fridge Freezer Direct ltd can be contacted to find out more about glass front commercial fridge units like this, however not all companies will need such a large fridge with so many gadgets and compartments, so shop around for one that not only suits your budget but also your needs. According to the BBC a fridge is “mine full of useful data” that can give information about everything from our changing tastes to our economic aspirations, which also applies to commercial fridges.

One of the most important things to consider when investing in a commercial fridge is how much space you need it to have. Think about what you want to store inside the fridge and check out health and safety standards as you may need to buy more than one to store different food items to avoid food contamination problems.