The Nation’s Love Of Flat Pack Furniture

People are sometimes very self-deprecatory about their flat pack furniture. However, they don’t really hold it in low regard or they wouldn’t buy it in the first place. Maybe once upon a time, flat pack stuff was functional and unreliable, but everyone knows this is no longer the case. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a single home in Britain that doesn’t have some flat pack furniture item or other – whether a bed, desk or wardrobe.

Wardrobes are particularly popular. If you have quite a modern home, a sleek, minimalist flat pack wardrobe is entirely in keeping with your décor. You could spend a small fortune on a designer wardrobe, but often they barely look any different. Flat pack furniture designs are generally clean and crisp and so as long as you construct the furniture properly, it will look great for many years to come.

These sorts of wardrobes are generally very adaptable as well. You can usually customise the inside so that it’s ideally suited to your needs. You can have a set of drawers in there or shelves or just a long hanging space – whatever you need. Even better, should you have a change of heart and feel you need things arranged differently, you can switch things around easily and at minimal cost.

Desks are another popular item of flat pack furniture and here style is less of a concern. Nobody wants something hideous looking, but at the end of the day, an office desk isn’t there for staring at. It is a functional item. You want it to be flat, sturdy and the right size. Maybe you want some drawers as well, but beyond that there’s little people desire. Why pay through the nose for something like that when you can simply get a flat pack version for a fraction of the price?

However, let’s not play up the cheap and cheerful angle. The point is that this kind of furniture is frequently the equal of ready built stuff and often surpasses it. If the designs didn’t appeal, nobody would buy it. In the UK, years of home improvement programmes have served to make people a little pickier about what they put in their homes and the flat pack industry has responded by necessity.

Bunk beds, TV stands, chests of drawers and computer tables – you can get stylish flat pack versions of pretty much any item of furniture.