The perks of single sign-on solutions that web owners have

There are a number of problems that web developers have to face in the user authentication process. The web has moved from static to interactive websites and continues to get richer, which has made it even more important to identify users. The problem is not very difficult to solve in theory; the user simply has to present some identifying token such as a username and a password. The entries made will be matched against the ones in the user database. While it seems quite reasonable, a lot of things can go wrong in practice like database breaches that have become utterly common. Lots of websites implement their authentication procedures, but this is a huge risk and security experts often advise against it.

Luckily, there is an alternative available for self-designed log-in systems in the form of single sign-on solutions. Anyone who has a social media account is familiar with the concept of single sign-on. There are a number of benefits that can be associated with single sign-on solutions and some of the notable ones are outlined below:

  1. Boosts productivity:

SSO is known to give employee productivity a boost because it reduces the number of password-related helpdesk calls. This also brings down the workload on the employees as the SSO customers no longer need any assistance from the helpdesk even if they forget their passwords because they can retrieve them on their own.

  1. Smooth user experience:

Gone are the days where users had to sign in over and over again to access different services and applications. Now, with the SSO feature, users have the ability of logging at just one single access point. In this way, they are able to enjoy a seamless and smooth experience across numerous domains.

  1. Increases security:

One of the major perks offered by single sign-on solutions is that they allow a business to configure automatic logging out policies for customers in order to prevent unauthorized access. The similar policies are applied in online banking. This means that if users stay inactive for a specific time, they will be logged out automatically to prevent others from using their account.

  1. Accelerates web access:

The traditional log in process was considered very time consuming, but web SSO solves this problem because the user doesn’t have to register through this process anymore. Social network user data is used, which makes the process simpler and hassle-free.

  1. Reduce phishing:

Phishing is a fraudulent process in which users are tricked into giving away sensitive and important information. Single sign-on solutions are quite effective in boosting security so they are able to reduce the risk of phishing.

  1. Lower password administration cost:

Password change is made easy with single sign-on because users can now just reset it with a simple process of question and answer. This reduces hassle because they don’t have to get in touch with the help desk or wait for their assistance. They can do it any time they want.

Single sign-on solutions can be used for a wide range of businesses so whole industries can benefit from these features.