The tale behind the name

Sunday lunch is a staple in most people’s week. Whether this is cooking for the family at home or heading out for a Sunday Lunch Cotswolds way. One thing that is common is the meats that are served. Traditionally sunday lunch is created using either Chicken or Beef. Interesting beef is the meat behind the name of the Tower of London Guards known as the Beefeaters.

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In essence these individuals were once tasked with looking after any prisoners that were being held in the Tower and also keeping the Crown jewels safe. They are officially called the Yeoman Warders and even today they take part in Coronation ceremonies where they form a guard of honour inside Westminster Abbey.

The nickname ‘Beefeaters’ actually comes from the fact that they were paid in part for their work with chunks of beef. This tradition of part money part and part beef took place until the middle part of the 1800s.

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There are 73 of these individuals who make up the ceremonial Yeomen of the Guard and they are all well respected former officers and sergeants of the British Armed Services. The Yeomen are thought to be the oldest Royal bodyguards in existence, although as mentioned previously their role is merely ceremonial today.