The Top Reasons why People Sell RV for Cash

To buy or to not? Am I making the right choice? Such questions often leave prospective buyers in two minds, when it comes to choosing between a used and a brand new RV with their hard-earned cash.

A large chunk of prospective buyers turn away from the deal thinking they would be passed a junk of a vehicle in the name of a ‘well-maintained lightly-used motor home’. After all why must an owner want to dispose off a vehicle if it is functioning perfectly!

Well, it’s not always about getting rid of a junk. There can be a variety of reasons why an RV owner might want to part with his/ her prized possession for cash, in spite of the vehicle being in perfect health. There are situations when people take practical decisions of obtaining cash than having an RV sitting in the driveway idle.

If you want to buy a pre-owned RV, but not sure, whether it is going to be a good purchasing decision, you will be relieved to know that all sellers are not out there to push their near-dead vehicles. Here are some of the top reasons why owners consider selling off RVs despite their good health.


Many RV owners prefer to liquidate their RVs before moving into a new place. In the USA, when people move northward, toward much colder regions, they typically choose not to bring their motor homes along with them, especially when it’s not an all-season RV. People typically want to avoid the costly winterization process. Selling the old RV for the one that suits the climate of the new place makes a logical solution for these owners.

Loss of Interest

Exciting outdoor vacations with family and friends is what rules the minds of the people when they purchase a recreational vehicle for the first time. Often, however, as people move on in life, work and lifestyle pressures keep them off the road for years resulting to the brand new vehicle getting old in the driveway. Some people also give up RVing on health grounds, while for few RVing starts to become more of a hassle than thrill so selling the RV for cash looks like the most suitable option. Meanwhile, elderly couples often buy motor homes thinking it would enable them to pay frequent visits to the near and dear ones scattered across the country. However, lack of parking space stops them from heading out to the destinations they might have planned to visit, and eventually they stop using the vehicle altogether. Selling the RV off at good condition allows them to get the maximum out of the vehicle they had once invested in with lot of hopes.


To Avoid Upgrades and Maintenance Expenses

Owning an RV involves substantial ongoing expenditure in fuel prices, insurance premiums, maintenance costs and campsite fee. Some RV-owners find running these maintenance costs overwhelming, especially when for reasons whatsoever their other expenses might have increased. Some also want to sell off their RV for cash to avoid upgrading the current one, and instead opting for a more updated model.

Inheritance Matters

One cannot keep all the assets that they inherit from their loved ones. There is no point in carrying on with an RV when one does not have any interest in outdoor lifestyles or even have adequate space at home to park this huge vehicle. Often for people living in small apartments, keeping an RV that they might have inherited becomes more of a liability than pleasure. On the other hand, childless couples who might have made some great trips in their RV during their hey days find no takers to pass on their RV to as inheritance so they prefer selling it off. In such situations, RV owners prefer to call up a dealership company to help them instantly sell their used RVs.

To fund another purchase or a cash requirement

One may need hard cash for various reasons – to buy a house, a car, another new RV, to pay huge debt or even to meet some medical emergency. Selling of a vehicle that’s in great condition is a great way for them to earn big bucks to fund their needs. For retired people with immobility issues, it always makes sense to sell of a vehicle they rarely use now, and instead keep the cash handy to fund health checkups or spend their last years in a plush old age home with the money.

Well, now you know why selling RV for cash does not always mean that the owner is trying to get rid of garbage. So, go ahead and strike a winning deal by capitalizing such needs.