Tips for maintaining your polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floors create a beautiful, minimalist look that is very popular right now – but it is important to stay on top of the polishing. This is because an unpolished concrete floor can look dull and lacklustre – but if you maintain your floor, it will always looks shiny, clean and polished!

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Here are four tips for maintaining polished concrete floors.

Clean up any spills straight away

Most flooring surfaces require that spills are cleaned up right away. This is because the longer you leave a spill, the more your floor will start to absorb the product and become damaged. While concrete is generally more resilient and durable than other flooring options, it can still become damaged by spills – so make sure that you clean up spills in the suggested manner every time they happen. This is especially important if the spill is acidic, as acidic products are more abrasive, so they are more likely to damage your floor.

Dust mop your floor before you actually mop it

Before you run a wet mop over your floor, use a separate dry mop to remove any dust and debris from the floor. This is because dirt can make your floor look duller, and a tough bristled broom could ruin the polish on the floor. A dry mop followed by a wet mop is a non-abrasive way to thoroughly clean your floor.

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Use a neutral cleaner

You should always clean your concrete floors with a neutral cleaner instead of an acidic cleaner. This is because acidic cleaners can eat away at the wax or polish on your floor, damaging the overall appearance of your flooring. Over time, this can really wreck your floors, so buy a gentle, neutral pH cleaner that will clean your floors without ruining them.

Clean high traffic areas more often

Areas of the room that are used most frequently (also known as high traffic areas) tend to undergo more impact and mess than other parts of the floor, so when you are cleaning, you should really pay attention to the high traffic areas. Give the area a thorough clean, and make sure that you leave the cleaning product on for a few minutes so that that it is extra-effective.