Tips On Finding Kickboxing Classes For Women

Kickboxing is one of the fastest-growing fitness disciplines in the country. That is partly because mixed martial arts has exploded in popularity in recent years, and kickboxing is a big part of it. In addition, kickboxing is a killer workout. That, combined with the self-defense aspect of the sport, has meant that a growing number of women have become interested in kickboxing. And with many people making New Year’s resolutions to get fit, kickboxing is drawing a lot of interest right now.

The sport has both traditional boxing moves, as well as martial arts maneuvers. So kickboxing can get you a full-body workout, not only building up muscle, flexibility and stamina, but giving you a great cardiovascular workout.  No wonder more women than ever are becoming interested in the sport.

There’s also a deeper level to kickboxing. Christian Montes, head coach at NYC-based Ronin Athletics, said that kickboxing channels people’s workout objectives from “mere enhanced physical
appearance to overall betterment of one’s skills, through the achievement of functional results.” Because of this, people doing kickboxing are motivated to be “more diligent with their workouts” and take great care of their bodies. He says that the sport doesn’t just increase physical fitness, but it increases confidence, allowing those who learn kickboxing to “experience the mindset of a fighter.”

So what should females look for if they want to learn kickboxing? True, they don’t have take classes with only women, but they may have a better time doing so, due to being able to practice with people their own size. And the classes are more dedicated to women’s needs. In addition, such classes, whether they be all-female or specifically welcome females, may be less intimidating.

Here are some ways to find kickboxing classes for women:

Search on the Internet

You can do a Google search for kickboxing+women+your town, check out Meetup groups on the subject, or look at MMA and kickboxing studios in your town to see if they offer classes for women.

Check out a traditional gym

You don’t always have to join an MMA-oriented studio to take kickboxing classes for women. Some women’s-oriented gyms as well as general-interest gyms are now offering all-female kickboxing classes, as well as classes that cater to both genders. So ask around in your town to see what is available.

Hire a personal trainer

You may be able to get a personal trainer to show either just you, or you and some friends the ropes in kickboxing.

So why not give a kickboxing class a try? You could work out, gain confidence, and develop a skill at the same time.