Top Performer: My First Award Plaque

If you are here then you are definitely interested to know my success story and I appreciate that. I am Jony JR, and I am the employee of ACDC, which is an electronics suppliers company. I am senior sales executive working from past 3 years but never able to catch the eye of authority for my performance.

But recently I have stepped up with my success and my company awarded me the title of a top performer with a plaque. It’s not happening in few days and wasn’t easier either as I have to work hard and work with the demand of situations.

Well, it started with the call of my sales manager, who suddenly call me up and handed me a tough project to accomplish. According to a project, I would need to deal with a big company for the shipments of electronics. The order was bigger and I will need to finish it up with the time-frame and I would need to manage all the hassle myself.

However, I have grabbed that project and sorted my jobs and finished up one by one within the time-frame. It was one of bigger order for our company and it’s got success by shipments on time. So far, my company has decided to give me special thanks, and they have given me the title of a top performer.

In the occasion, our sales manager Steven Smith handed me the award plaque with a thank you speech. It was a great moment for my professional life as I have got the award for the first time and it was a great feeling. I can’t express you my feelings but I will tell you a little about my award plaque as it is a perpetual plaques trophy, also noted all my information of achievement with personalized plaques.

Success is a feeling which no one can feel without achievements. It’s a feeling which makes me more confident and I am now looking for the near future to achieve more. Thanks for being a part of my success story.