Top ways to decorate your event marquee

A marquee can be an ideal space for a reception, but transforming the empty space in to one fit for a beautiful wedding can be a daunting task. Here are some top decorating tips for an inspirational marquee.

A Grand Entrance

Light up the approach to the marquee with lanterns lining the walkway and mason jars hung from trees. Bold and bright lighting around the main entrance point, or a large floral display, will provide a warm welcome and make for a photographic backdrop.

Dramatic Heights

Many marquees will have a high ceiling, so maximise the space for a dramatic impact. On the lower level, consider grass flooring in the summer and block colours of carpet for a bold effect in the cooler months. Draw attention up with higher decorative elements hung from the ceiling. Colourful flowers on a circle of willow and driftwood and drop-down lighting can allow you to suspend a mix of colours and styles at differing heights to add layers and texture.

Customised Bar

Make the bar special by featuring your wedding scheme colours and your own cocktail recipes. A wishing jar can allow your guests to place their own note inside for the happy couple while they’re waiting for their order.

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Light It Up

Delicate lighting can make large, bland spaces enchanting. Fairy lights can be draped, hung and strung across the side walls and ceiling, as well as behind the bar and around the dance area. Go vintage chic with hanging or free-standing birdcages and mason jars with tea lights inside or fairly lights encasing them.

Get Advice

A 2015 article shows that marriage is regaining popularity, and with most weddings there’s a lot of stress and preparation. Choose a company that can advise you on the type of marquee as well as provide its hire and the hire of other elements. For marquee hire in Kent, for example, you can contact

Cool It Down

A marquee in the summer can accumulate heat, so consider appropriately placed fans to keep your guests cool. Bean bags or hay bales for a more casual outdoor space around the marquee will give guests the chance to catch some air away from the dance floor, while second-hand or up-cycled furniture indoors can create a peaceful rest zone with a rustic edge.