Turkey for Christmas

Its an age-old question; what to do for Christmas. Should it be Chicken, Beef or try something old school like Goose or even go leftfield and have Lamb (definitely not!). However, it pretty much comes down to the old favourite of Turkey. This is still the most popular roast at the festive period since it was introduced from the Americas. Arguably, the best thing about it is that you can still be eating the thing at least 4 or 5 days after the main meal. Curry and sandwiches seem to be the most common or cold with a salad. Who can resist though sitting down on that cold Christmas day with the family around, slight flecks of snow slowly falling, or most probably rain with mild weather.

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Being honest, it would be nice if there was an alternative choice to all that meat and potatoes and cold weather wouldn’t it? It might be an idea to consider and alternative to the Turkey bird and try a different type of Turkey for Christmas this time one with a more Mediterranean feel perhaps.

I’ve decided that I’m going to look into trying a whole different set up to the traditional Christmas Turkey and cut the poor birds some slack this year. By that I mean that the Turkey I’m going to look at is the country instead. Imagine, your sunning yourself in your own private villa, blazing sun warming your bones, pool ready for you to use. It certainly puts Merrie “cold” England into a different perspective I can tell you.  How many people can say they’ve got a nice tan (you get 5 hours of sun a day in December there as opposed 1 in the UK!) or been swimming in December! I’d wager that even Ebenezer Scrooge himself would consider putting his hand in his pockets for that, especially after all that ghost business.

My plan is to have an endless summer. Every considered doing that? Basically, I’d spend May to September in the UK and then go to Turkey for October to April. I’ll never see a winter again. You may not be able to get a decent roast but in those parts, you’ll be able to roast yourself for most of the year (don’t forget the hat and sun cream though).There are some amazing facts about Turkey in this article https://d3jkudlc7u70kh.cloudfront.net/interesting-facts-about-turkey.jpg

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So, what’s it to be? You can spend December rushing around like a Mad person gathering up those presents for Aunty Amy and Uncle Pete or you could be sat back with the latest blockbuster watching the world laze by from the comfort of your sea view holiday home. If you would like to look for Holiday Villas in Kas take a look at companies like http://kas4villarentals.com/kas-villas/