Vitamins in Skin-Care Products…Do They Really Work?

Most of us automatically presume that vitamins are good for us – but why? What do these supposedly magical ingredients do in your skin-care products, which ones do you need and which ones may not be worth the effort?

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A is often called retinol when it appears in beauty products. It was originally used to treat acne, but it is now also renowned for its ability to work on fine lines and wrinkles. There is divided opinion on the use of vitamin A on the skin, however, with some experts standing by it as one of the finest anti-agers available, while new scientific evidence suggests that some forms of the vitamin could have negative effects on skin health.

Sensitive skin types can find retinol irritating, and some studies have linked synthetic retinyl palmitate with photosensitivity. The solution to this could be to just use retinoids as part of your night-time skin-care routine. One of the gentlest products to choose is Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil.

Vitamin B

Vitamin Bs are vital for ensuring that cellular functions run smoothly. Niacin (B3) is particularly good for your skin thanks to its protective powers, while panthenol (B5) is an effective moisturiser in the same vein as Vichy Normaderm anti-blemish hydrating care, which is available from a range of retailers’ websites, including

Vitamin C

This is also called ascorbic acid and is a powerful antioxidant capable of improving the skin – if its power can be harnessed, that is. At the moment, most experts agree that as a result of vitamin C’s instability when it’s exposed to light or air, most formulas claiming to be miracle skin-care products will probably not live up to their claims.

It can boost collagen, however, producing firmer and plumper skin, and can be found in products such as Medik8 C Tetra Serum. More information on vitamin C and the skin can be found at

Vitamin E

This is probably the most famous of all beauty vitamins, largely because its an antioxidant that works on the skin and helps to preserves the products it is found in. Vitamin E can counteract the negative effects of what are known as free radicals and helps to slow down cell ageing to leave your skin looking better for longer.