What are the UK’s favourite cocktails?

World Cocktail Day is the 13th May, so you’ve got plenty of time to learn how to make your favourite. You shouldn’t need an excuse to go out and enjoy some cocktails, but if you do, then make sure 13th May is set aside for a few glasses of your favourite fruity tipple. Have you ever wondered what the most popular cocktails are in the UK? There are so many to choose from, so are we wild and adventurous or do we stick to what we know.

The UK’s favourite cocktail is the Mojito! Enjoyed all year round but especially in the summer as it’s so refreshing. It’s even more enjoyable when sipped on a soft, sandy beach under a palm tree! For those who don’t already know, a mojito is a mix of rum, lime, mint and sugar. The runners up are the Espresso Martini and the Cosmopolitan. The Expresso Martini is popular in cities, possibly due to more late-night workers desperately needing that caffeine boost.

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The mojito is a firm favourite amongst both men and women, but the men’s list included shorter drinks like the Old Fashioned or the Negroni. Women tend to prefer longer drinks and those with a fruitier taste.

In the younger age brackets, (those aged between 18 & 24) a wide range of cocktails were listed as favourites, including some rather obscure varieties that are yet to become household names. Data seems to suggest that as we age, our list of favourites gets smaller. This seems to correspond with the concept that as we get older, we know what we like and stick to it more.

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You might be wondering what is so special about 13th May when it comes to cocktails? It actually has some historical importance. This was the date in 1806 that the word ‘cock tail’ first appeared in a New York newspaper. The paper had responded to a reader’s question about mixing drinks. It is unclear why the term ‘cock tail’ was used. In the 19th century, it was a term used to describe a horse with a tail that stood up like a cockerel’s. It is thought this horse was a mixed breed and so the term was coined for a mixed drink too! Who knows? There are other theories too.