What happens during your boiler service?

Summer is coming to an end and the cold weather is starting to move in . Predictions as to what the weather may be over the winter are starting to filter in with the threat of another Beast from the East and chilly winter temperatures on the horizon. In order to ensure that you stay nice and warm in your home during this period you should be thinking about booking in your heating service from a Boiler Service Cheltenham company such as www.blu-fish.co.uk. The last thing you want is to have a broken heating system just as the cold snap hits.

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When it comes to the boiler service many of us simply show the engineer to the boiler and then leave them to work their magic. But have you ever wondered what goes on during that service?

Here is a quick overview for you, but you should speak to your engineer to find out exactly what is covered during their boiler service.

An inspection of the major parts of the boiler will take place along with ensuring that the controls are in full working order and functioning how they should be. There is no point in having a lovely warm heating system if you can not control the temperature levels or what time your heating comes on and goes off.

Gas and pressure flows are checked as low pressure and lack of gas flow to your system can cause problems with your boiler being able to ignite and run effectively. If you are having continual problems with this you may find that your boiler starts to make a few strange noises or your system indicates an error code that you can pass on to your chosen heating engineer.

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The main components of your boiler will be checked along with the gas and water pipework that connects to and from the boiler. All of the electrical components within the system will also be checked.

In terms of safety all devices that are designed to provide a safety mechanism to your system will be checked as will the combustion releases and flue to ensure that no highly levels of toxic gases are being emitted from your system. During the safety check all of the seal around your system will also be checked.

If any faults are found with your system your engineer will either repair them during the service after your approval or will arrange to come back at another time to complete these works.