What were 2017’s most popular bathroom colours?

As we continue into 2018, it is time to look back at the design trends of 2017 and see which colours British homeowners were using in their bathrooms. Whether you want inspiration for your own home or are simply curious to know whether you were part of a larger trend when you decorated your bathroom last year, read on.

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Grey has been a big theme throughout fashion and design in the last few years, and it definitely made its mark on the nation’s bathrooms in 2017. There are countless shades of grey, making it easy for everyone to find their perfect match, whether they want a space that feels cool and crisp or warm and welcoming. Grey never goes out of fashion, making this the perfect colour choice for anyone who wants to be stylish yet demands longevity from their decor. Ideal Home magazine has some tips for adding interest to a grey bathroom if you feel grey alone is not quite your thing.


It should come as no surprise that white was one of the most popular bathroom colours of last year, as it simply never falls out of favour. The ideal choice for anyone who wants a clean, unfussy, hotel-style finish, white reflects light and creates a bright yet calming environment for a bathroom.

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White goes particularly well with chrome or stainless steel fixtures, and with sparkling glass. If you want a luxurious finish, why not replace your old shower curtain with 12mm shower glass panels? Using high-quality 12mm shower glass screens in place of a curtain will revamp your whole bathroom and add a touch of class and luxury.

Pastel tones

Pastels fell out of fashion for a long while, with many homeowners preferring neutrals or whites, but they returned to the scene last year in a big way. Pastels were incredibly popular amongst British homeowners in 2017 and are great for adding a calming, soothing feel to any space. While a pastel bathroom suite might be too much of a commitment for many people, pastel walls work well with the clean white of bathroom fixtures and fittings. If you are unsure how pastels will work in your bathroom but like the idea of them, why not start with a pastel bath mat or pastel towels?